Spill & Fire Test Reports & Videos

The following tests were conducted at the Safespill Testing Facility

Hangar Comparison & Fire Test Videos
Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Videos
Hangar Operational & Miscellaneous Videos

3D Kerosene Fire Test

Safespill Flushing Manifold

Dropped Wing Tank Simulation

AFFF Grate Nozzle System v. Safespill

Hi-Ex Foam System v. Safespill

All 5 FMEA Demonstrations

FMEA 4 - Floor Covered by Object

FMEA 3 - Hydraulic Fluid Spill

FMEA 2 - Deactivated Flushing Manifold

FMEA 1 - Sand on Safespill Floor

High Heels on Safespill Floor

Tool Cart Movement on Safespill Floor


ISU Related Test Reports
IBC Lateral Discharge Test Report IBC Tote Flare-up Test Report


Miscellaneous Test Reports
Tank Truck Discharge Test Report
Miscellaneous Videos

Valve Failure Spill Demonstration

Alcohol Fire Test Comparison

Client Commissioning Spill Detection Test