Fire Test Videos

Aircraft Hangars

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Hangar Comparison & Fire Test Videos

Hi-Ex Foam System v. Safespill

AFFF Grate Nozzle System v. Safespill

Dropped Wing Tank Simulation

3D Kerosene Fire Test

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Videos

FMEA 1 – Sand on Safespill Floor

FMEA 2 – Sand Inside Safespill Floor

FMEA 3 – Deactivated Flushing Manifold

FMEA 4 – Hydraulic Fluid Spill

FMEA 5 – Floor Covered by Object

Hangar Operational Videos

Small Wheels on Safespill Floor

Safespill Flushing Manifold

Slip Resistant Surface Demonstration

Miscellaneous Videos

Valve Failure Spill Demonstration

Alcohol Fire Test Comparison

Client Commissioning Spill Detection Test

Transitioning the world to environmentally safe fire protection

Instead of reacting to a fire, our system takes away the liquids fueling the fire proactively.