IBC Storage Units (ISUs) Installed for Large Third-Party Logistics Company

Q2 of 2021 – With the installation of two of our IBC Storage Units (ISUs) and an increasing sales pipeline for this product, it is fair to say there is growing market demand for new ignitable liquid storage solutions.

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Composite IBCs are inexpensive, readily available, and completely integrated into the supply chain of specialty chemicals, forcing a “dependence” on them when warehousing or distributing ignitable liquids. Composite IBCs are also considered very dangerous, from a fire protection standpoint, for ignitable liquids, but logistics companies must account for them when designing a protection scheme for their warehouses. 

Though the number of IBCs with ignitable liquids being stored at any one facility might be small, protecting these IBCs will be a disproportionate cost of the entire fire protection scheme. That’s assuming the AHJ or insurance carrier will accept the protection scheme that is being proposed. The alternative to Safespill’s environmentally-friendly IBC Storage Unit (ISU) is a cutoff (hazmat) room, which utilizes toxic PFAS-containing firefighting foam, or AFFF. Add to this that many third-party logistics (3PLs) prefer leasing warehouse space, they’re now forced to sink even more money into a facility that they might only occupy for five years. This can make margins relatively thin and force companies to consider whether they even want to chase business with an ignitable liquid component.


Yes, with Safespill’s ISU comes the potential for change, and not all companies are ready for that. For example, some companies will not want to change how they organize, load, and unload a sampling of their hazardous product. And we understand that. But change is not always bad, 3PLs and 4PLs can now:

   ➤ Diversify and expand upon the prospects they target.

   ➤ Consider new options managing their existing network.

   ➤ Evaluate how they appraise potential warehouse space.

   ➤ Capitalize on new finance options.

The companies that can change are winning the projects. They’re gaining attention from the world’s largest manufacturers by providing a simple alternative to a problem that is now being accepted by AHJs and the largest insurance carriers in the game.

    ISU Floor View          


Since the new year, we’ve had several inquiries not only for the storage of lubricants but from companies in the flavors industry. As popularity for hard seltzers and low-calorie drinks increases, so does the demand for concentrated flavors that are often ignitable and stored in composite IBCs or plastic drums. As our clients raise their company standards towards an environmental focus, I’ll add that we provide a level of environmental protection otherwise not offered using AFFF cutoff rooms. Safespill’s solutions are 100% chemical-free, which allows us to transition the world to environmentally safe fire protection.



Sam Bowen, Director of Business Development, sales@safespill.com