Safespill Sets Industry Standard in Drainage Flooring Technology with FM Approval

Boston, MA – June 5, 2017 – Safespill has today announced that it has received the first-ever FM Approval for “ignitable liquid drainage floor technology” following a rigorous testing period. Safespill offers a unique, innovative flooring solution for the containment and removal of environmentally hazardous and flammable liquid spills in industrial applications, allowing all liquids to be safely removed to a separate containment tank through an internal flushing & suction system in the flooring sections. The Company will be showcasing its spill containment and removal flooring system at the NFPA Conference in Boston on June -7 (Booth #1329).

The Safespill system is tailored and customizable to a variety of different workplace applications, including tanker truck transfer stations, tote and drum filling stations, loading docks, and chemical staging and storage areas. Safespill’s team of experts works closely with facility management to provide an option that makes an immediate impact of safety and efficiency, providing peace of mind to both the customer and their insurance providers.

“After years of working closely with the specialists at FM Global, we are beyond proud to now say that we are the first to receive this authoritative certification,” says Sam Bowen, Business Development Director of Safespill. “Our mission has always been to provide radically simpler and safer solutions for industrial problems, and this recognition symbolizes that our hard work is paying off and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve our offerings.”

In addition to this landmark FM Approval, Safespill is also preparing to launch a revolutionary Flammable Liquid Storage Solution that will change the way that companies store flammable liquids. The new product builds upon their existing flooring technology, but adds an enclosure that fits up to 18 IBC totes stacked 3 high. Unlike traditional sprinkler systems that don’t activate until enough heat is generated from the fire to break the bulbs in the sprinkler heads, Safespill’s Flammable Liquid Storage Solution relies upon flame detectors to almost instantly respond to any fire. The value provided to customers is immense, likely to result in better insurance rates by making facilities the system is used in significantly better protected against fire. This state-of-the-art system is 10-times less expensive than traditional permanent flammable liquid storage buildings, or cut off rooms.


Safespill was founded in 2013 to provide radically simpler and safer solutions for industrial problems. Safespill strives to be the industry’s standard protection and prevention system for flammable and environmentally hazardous liquid spills.

Media Contact

Sam Bowen
Safespill Business Development Director