Enhanced Safety & Efficiency: Safespill’s ILDFA at NAS Point Mugu

Safespill Commissions Ildfa Installation at Naval Air Station Point Mugu

The photos are of a recently commissioned ILDFA system for the US Navy at NAS Point Mugu. The US Navy requires that ILDFA be designed to offer the most liberal application of the floor, or “wall to wall” layout, to ensure maximum coverage in a hangar.

This layout gives end users and maintenance crews a continuous floor throughout the hangar, maximizing the usable space between bays and eliminating slopped transitions from one area to the next. Minimizing sloped transitions makes maneuvering equipment across the system much easier.

Once ILDFA was installed, the top surface was cleaned using a Zamboni and then brushed to give it a nice finish.


In applications where ILDFA can only go up to the column line, the area in between the columns is filled with concrete to create a smooth transition.

This keeps equipment movement fluid and also increases available floor space inside the hangar.