ILDFA is part of United Therapeutics first sustainably constructed hangar

This project was the first new build construction for Safespill. All current and future ILDFA installations are benefiting from the many lessons learned during the project’s construction, and we are ultimately proud of the end result.

Project details are: 36,000 SF wall to wall ILDFA. This project was based on NFPA 409 and FM 7-93 building code specifications.

Check out the video above where Safespill is featured from 4:00 to 4:42.

Hatch Cover Upgrade: Small Detail, Big Impact on Safety and Performance

We developed ILDFA technology, and now we are continuously and incrementally improving it.

We’ve recently upgraded the hatch cover fasteners with SS 316 self-locking nuts instead of threaded connections. Guaranteeing a rock-solid hold on your hatch cover.