Newsletter Small Wheels on Safespill Floor

Safespill’s ILDFA offers Environmentally safe hangar fire protection, but apart from protecting jets from fire, ease of daily operations for the people who keep the jets flying is equally important. 

Small wheels on Safespill floor

Check out how we worked together with hangar operators to solve this equipment cart issue. Aircraft tires, tugs and larger equipment roll over the Safespill floor smoothly without any need for modifications.

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Safespill's Mission

Safespill is the manufacturer of Ignitable Liquid Drainage Floor Assembly (ILDFA), ILDFA is recommended in FM Global Data Sheet 7-93 and in the NFPA 409, 2022 Edition. Safespill’s ILDFA system has been identified as the approved alternative to foam systems by Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC) and the US Air Force Civil Engineer Centre (AFCEC) has independently verified the fire test performance of ILDFA, the only environmentally safe and chemical-free fire protection for hangars that contains and removes ignitable liquid spills. Learn more about Safespill ILDFA Fire Tests and Performance+>