Safespill is Awarded a Second Installation at Naval Air Station Point Mugu

Safespill Project Improves Safety for U.S. Navy Hangar and Supports Local Contractors

California, November 1, 2022/PRNewswire – – Safespill Systems, LLC announced the signing of a further contract with the U.S. Navy to install an ignitable liquid drainage floor assembly (ILDFA) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Point Mugu. The company’s innovative flooring technology allows for the safe removal and containment of ignitable and environmentally hazardous liquids when spilled.

In March 2022, Safespill completed a pilot project for the Navy with the first installation of the company’s unique ILDFA. After the successful completion of this assignment, the Navy awarded the company a second contract for Point Mugu, within six months of completion of the first project. Safespill expects a third contract for additional ILDFA hangar flooring at Point Mugu to be finalized within the next few weeks.

The Navy entered into the first contract directly with Safespill. This ensured that Safespill had complete control over the installation process, enabling them to standardize the process moving forward. This second contract comes through South Bay EDC, a general contractor based in California. South Bay EDC is experienced in military construction projects and specifically, fire protection.

Safespill CEO Tristian Mackintosh is pleased about the prospect of combining forces with an experienced local contractor: “We hope that this is just the first of many hangar installations we do together with South Bay EDC.” Several portions of the new project, such as installation and cutting trenches in the hangar, will go to local subcontractors in the area, benefiting the local economy. This approach also allows Safespill to ramp up the manufacture of flooring in its Houston, Texas, headquarters.

As Safespill further develops its flooring applications, it aims to train and certify local contractors to install the flooring in commercial and military hangars. This method will shorten and improve project completion time, reduce hangar downtime, and allow the military to maintain a high state of readiness for its fighters and bombers. Training local contractors also helps commercial airliners spend less time in the hangar and more time in the air.

Safespill is excited to continue serving the U.S. Navy with superior fire protection. The ILDFA minimizes the risk of environmentally hazardous spills and removes spills immediately from hangar floors, protecting personnel and aircraft, and improving daily aircraft mechanic operations.