Safespill Purchases Aluminum Extrusion Line to Secure Supply Chain and Accommodate Future Demand

In-house capabilities will vertically integrate manufacturing and reduce carbon footprint

HOUSTONMarch 23, 2022 – Safespill, the leader in environmentally safe fire protection systems, announced it has executed a contract with Kautec Solutions, a premier supplier of aluminum extrusion equipment headquartered in Girona, Spain. The contract will allow for the delivery of a highly automated aluminum extrusion line to increase efficiency in producing Safespill floors.

The state-of-the-art extrusion line will further elevate Safespill’s turnkey solutions for new builds and existing retrofits of commercial and the United States Military aircraft hangars. Around-the-clock production capabilities that will allow production capacity to increase to a maximum of 200 hangar projects annually will solidify Safespill’s timely, efficient delivery of Safespill floors, generically known as ILDFAs.

“What is significant about our investment is its value to our clients, particularly Safespill’s U.S. military clients, by minimizing potential bottlenecks in the manufacturing process,” said Tristan Mackintosh, CEO of Safespill. “It will allow Safespill to continue delivering environmentally safe, chemical-free fire protection systems while being less dependent on suppliers struggling to meet market demand for aluminum extrusions.”

Aligned with Safespill’s environmental initiatives, this new extrusion press will significantly reduce the product’s carbon footprint through increased energy efficiency as high as 25% compared to older extrusion lines used elsewhere in the industry. In-house capabilities will also allow Safespill to purchase certified recycled aluminum alloy billets – green aluminum – higher in the supply chain. As a result, fire protection and environmental protection will work in tandem in ways not being executed elsewhere in the industry.

Installation at the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, is slated for early-2023 and is expected to be fully operational by mid-year.

About Safespill

Based in Houston, Texas, Safespill Systems, LLC was founded in 2013 and developed its ignitable liquid drainage floor assembly after many years of R&D and fire testing. The company earned the coveted FM Approval mark in 2017 following rigorous fire and materials testing. It earned a second FM Approval in 2020 for larger floor areas, such as those used in aircraft hangars and distribution centers. The company is dedicated to transitioning the world to environmentally safe fire protection.

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Kautec Solutions is a premier supplier of aluminum extrusion equipment headquartered in Girona, Spain.

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